From different sites around the world natural stones have been extracted from quarries for many generations. Quarries are open pits or excavations in a mountain from which natural stone like marble and granite are dug for and cut out. Large blocks of this beautiful natural wonder is cut out and sliced into slabs. Slabs are polished on one side to bring out the pattern, colours, shades, and shine. As with most natural products, no two slabs are alike as they are designed by nature. Variations in thicknesses of slabs can be ordered, but they are generally 20 or 30mm thick.

Engineered stone is lovely made from a blend of stones like natural quartz combined with binding agents like synthetic resins that have an endless range in characteristics and colours. The result are beautiful products that are almost identical in to natural stone products with the added benefits of your input into the finer details how the stone looks and enhanced resistance to scratching, chipping, staining, and chemicals.

Natural stone is just what is says it is, a product lovingly sculpted by Mother Earth. It is cut and refined from quarries from the Earth. The finish is achieved by using special tools to fashion unique products that are impossible to replicate. Engineered stone products are man-made. With approximately 93% crushed natural stones like quartz crystals that are held together by hard resins. Along with the choice of resins and added pigments to achieve a desired style, pattern, and colour the final product is subject to extremely high pressures and temperatures to replicate the process deep within the Earth.

There is no true answer to this. There is a large variation on engineered stones depending on type, pattern, colour. And Natural stones vary hugely in price depending of type and origins. Many perceive that Natural stones always cost more than Engineered stones, but that is not always the case. There are some Natural stones that are of mid price range that are similar to the price of some Engineered stones. Sometimes two slabs of Natural stones are required to complete a job that takes one slab of Engineered stone. It is difficult to make a comparison. The best thing to do is let a member of the MGSC team take you through a list of preferred colours, patterns, and finishes to get an exact idea of your ideal price range.

Natural and Engineered stone products are extremely durable and which self maintain their lovely shine without any chemical treatments. Engineered stones and most Natural stones are resistant against chemical exposure. A polished finish on a Marble surface can be left with an etch mark when exposed to acidic substances like vinegar and lemon juice. If an etch mark needs to be removed call us at MGSC to have these removed by one of our friendly expert team members.

Harsh chemical cleaners should not be used on stone surfaces. An idea and economical way to clean and maintain a stone surface is to use a diluted mixture of methylated spirits (30%) with water and a paper towel. There are also other specialised cleaning products that can be recommended by MGSC that is idea for Natural and Engineered stone surfaces as well as other surfaces that accompany your stone surfaces like glass and stainless steel.

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