Computer Numeric Control (CNC) cutting machines are automated machine cutting tools that cut according to programming of dimensions required that cut with unmatched precision.

This takes away nearly 100% of human error that comes with manual cutting with traditional tools and techniques using wheels, levers, or mechanical automation.

Modern CNC systems are automated using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. These state of the art software programs produce computer files that are interpreted to translate and extract commands required by a particular piece of machinery by using a post processor that is then inputted into a CNC machine for precise production requirements.

Most materials processed now require a combination of tools to do a job, modern machines require external machines that that use robotic or human operators that move an unfinished products from machine to machine. In both these cases a series of intricate steps are needed to produce a highly automated process that closely matches an original CAD design.

Here are a few examples of applications of CNC machines:


A waterjet is a very powerful and precise tool that can slice into metal and other hard materials such as granite. This is achieved by using a jet of water at extremely high speeds and pressure. In the jet of water are also abrasive insoluble substances such as sand forming a very powerful stream of heterogenous mixture. Waterjet is an ideal method for cutting materials sensitive to high temperatures generated by many other cutting methods.


A plasma torch is used in this method commonly to cut materials like steel. And can be used for a variety of materials. Gases like compressed air are forced out end of a torch at high pressure and at the same time an electric arc is formed heating the gas particles into an excited state known as the plasma state. Plasma is at a temperature sufficient to melt most materials and the jet stream of air sending the plasma particles through materials allows it to cut at very high speeds.


Widely used for industrial manufacturing applications this technology uses laser to cut various materials. This precisioned technique works by directing a high powered laser most commonly through optics and lenses. CNC laser optic cutters are used when there is a a lot of precise motion involved in the cutting. The focused laser beam melts, vaporsises, burns, and is blown away by a jet of gas immediately after the cutting point. This technology is ideal for cutting flat sheet or pipe shaped materials.

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