Marble Products

Marble is a manifestation of beauty deep within the metamorphic heart of mother earth where every square inch is a unique crystalline matrix of art uninfluenced by human intervention. This dense, and virtually indestructible material will bring to life and character any surface in a home of commercial venue where wood, or synthetic materials will fail to represent you in that glorious way.

Granite Products

Granite is an igneous intrusive wonder that breaks out onto the surface of the world during the awesome process of a volcanic eruption. This ancient wonder holds within it timeless works of art from the Earth in the forms of crystalline patterns where no two pieces are alike. The density, smoothness, and beauty of Granite WILL speak volumes of any individual or organisation that uses it to immortalise any surface in a home or office.

Stone Products

In an ideal world which is what we endevour to provide here at MGSC we have products that are perfect marriages of technological indulgence and natural beauty. Engineered stone is quartz crystals that are combined with synthetic resin that is almost indistinguishable from natural stone in colours, patterns and shades. With heightened scratch and chip resistance our engineered stone products will cater to the finest details to suit your home and office needs. There is no limit to how you want to be expressed is the mosaic perfection of your choosing.

Edge Profiles

At MGSC no limits are spared with leading technological availabilities in the range of edge profiles to suit every home and office need. From home and kitchen/bathroom profiles, to the ideal looks of a prestige reception area. Steps that lead to a boardroom table that commands the wonderment of guests.

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