Kitchen Benchtops

In a modern home there are kitchen benches and then there are kitchen benches. Nothing beats the feeling of a solid glossy bench top made of a natural of engineered stone. The ease of care and the looks speaks volume of the home when guests admire an immaculate kitchen while you are working your magic.


A quiet drink or a sharing a festive line of shots with friends, the difference between a wooden surface or a glossy marble, granite, or engineered bar top will enhance any experience and keep you ad value to every drink.


Counters are a special place where most like to spend quiet time by one self or in quiet company. A coffee and an iPad is much better experienced when on a smooth finish with the irresistible sound of a glass tapping on stone when setting your cup down.

Fire Places

These days the ambience of a fire place is rare and a luxury that a few of us have the privilege to enjoy. But if you do, imagine the contrast between a natural or mad made stone fire place framing and giving off the luxurious warmth compared to a stale brick or peeling steel. This is one way to take luxury to its limits.


Walking up and down steps is a necessity that many of us fail to notice in our daily lives. Enjoying every step of gliding on the perfection of pattern stone steps is not something that everyone gets to enjoy very often if at all. Let yourself and your guests to make every step an unforgettable pleasure.

Vanitiers & Baths


Custom Made Tables

Tables are where the best times of our lives are spent with family, friends, and romantic encounters. Enhance this experience with a custom natural or engineered stone surface that gives an experience that no other surface can recreate.

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